Organization Objectives


  • To develop practical, innovative programs that protect and restore key wildlife species and habitats while addressing the concerns of those who share the land and its resources
  • To undertake a holistic approach towards biodiversity conservation that encompasses all the stakeholders, particularly school children and local communities.
  • Protection of biodiversity through tree planting and environmental conservation strategies
  • To sensitize the public in recognizing the value of conserving wildlife heritage and biodiversity in Kenya.
  • To maintain the diversity of genes, species and ecosystems, prevent elements of biodiversity from becoming at risk and contribute to global efforts for biodiversity conservation.
  • To increase awareness and understanding about the importance and value of biodiversity and encourage local communities to take action on conserving biodiversity.
  • To promote the scientific study of wildlife and their habitats in different biodiversity hot spots in Kenya.
  • To improve the conservation of biodiversity through scientific, management, educational and training programmes.
  • To implement relevant community conservation training program
  • To establish sustainable development projects for marginalized communities’ economic empowerment in different parts of Kenya
  • To study, research and assess the status of biodiversity hot spots in Kenya
  • To promote partnership/ cooperation between like-minded individuals and organizations