Biodiversity Conservation Organization is a registered non-governmental organization founded and officially registered on July 2012 under the NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS CO-ORDINATION ACT, 1990.The organization works at the grassroots level raising awareness of the critical importance of the sustainable use of natural resources and ecosystem conservation under great threat in different parts of Kenya. This organization run by committed Kenyan conservationists, with field staff from drawn from conservation science, forestry and environmental education backgrounds. We work with local communities to instill pride and a sense of ownership in the fate of Kenya’s natural habitats & endemic species both wild and domesticated promoting humane treatment for all animals & championing their rights and saving them from brutality and human driven threats.

This organization was established to cater for the nature holistically as well as protect, advocate & sensitize the local communities on the need to protect and take care of all animals in the country through humane manner. BICO also integrates knowledge in biodiversity conservation as well as promoting local communities Livelihoods thus helping them to resolve principal problems facing biodiversity hot spots in many parts of Kenya.

All our programmes are designed at reaching the local communities through a community-based effort, with our messages and methods driven by local needs that fit different situation and culture more closely. Over the years, our team has found that the most effective way to achieve our mission is through; habitat conservation and restoration activities; outreach activities; Sensitization, awareness arising, capacity building, advocacy, research, community development and protected area management, in ways that are sustainable and foster participation, co-operation and partnership.