Deadly floods wreak havoc in different parts of Kenya 

Climate change in Kenya and across East Africa is now more than even has led to more frequent and severe climatic conditions that have brought about catastrophic adverse effects such as droughts, heat waves & floods. These have caused wild animals in different parts of the country to wander further in search of water and food and as a result this behaviour patterns have further enhanced conflict with humans when they kill sheep and goats in the villages near the national parks. Droughts, floods, & livestock diseases are wiping out livelihoods, underscoring the need for Kenya to help its poorest population adapt by developing sustainable ways of making a living especially in the drylands.

Effects of Climate Change

 Hotter temperatures. As greenhouse gas concentrations rise, so does the global surface temperature. 

-Increased drought. …

-A warming & rising ocean Levels

– Loss of species as have been witnessed here in Kenya

-Not enough food to sustain people leading to hunger & malnutrition.

-More health risks.

-Poverty & displacement as have been witnessed here in Kenya.