To enable us to reach our dreams, BICO works with skilled staff. BICO‘s management team has the responsibility to oversee all the projects, finance and the general wellbeing of the organization.


Since inception BICO has worked with communities, schools and other entities, to practically carry out and promote environmental conservation practices. 20 Primary schools have been reached with a total of more than 8,000 school children received environmental messages.

BICO has reached over 8,000 school children and 20 teachers educating them on tree nurseries establishment, seedlings raising, caring as well as tree planting and maintaining.

We have conducted various Scientific research pertinent to wildlife conservation in different parts in the country

More than 15,000 environmental materials including posters, flayers and brochures have been developed and disseminated, in that way increased awareness amongst children and teachers at large about theirs roles and responsibilities towards sustainable environments.

10,000 seeds of different tree species (Indigenous, and Shading) have been distributed to 10 schools for planting at school grounds to better practice environmental conservation.

Have trained 100 local communities on agro forestry and sustainable organic farming.

Reached over 8,000 primary school children and teachers through conservation education and out reach activities on environment protection and conservation and have developed a growing interest on sustainable environments.