Climate Change mitigation

Climate change is global in its causes but its consequences are far more reaching in developing countries particularly Kenya whose biodiversity and ecosystems are already faced with other threats like habitat degradation, ecology-economics mismatch and escalating population growth. BICO acknowledges that climate change is the most important human-induced environmental challenge that could exacerbate biodiversity loss caused by habitat destruction, invasive alien species and the like. Here we engage in educating communities on the causes and effects of climate change locally, development of resilience techniques and advocating for better mitigation policies. Projects here revolves on equipping local community members with the knowledge needed to combat climate change, better adapt to the effects of global warming through the implementation of practical hands-on activities that will benefit both the local communities as well as the wildlife .

BICO therefore has in its on-going climate change awareness raising campaign to sensitize Kenyans, especially youth across the country and women in rural environment who are the most vulnerable groups to climate change and its harsh impact. The awareness raising campaigns contributes to climate change adaptation strategies and address what Kenyans can do to lessen the impact of climate change and global warming.